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    I completely understand where you are coming from. My ds would chomp with his gums and I wanted to try and break this habit before his teeth came in. He finally stopped chomping, so I thought that all would be well, but then his teeth came in . Oh my, it was a challenge to get him to stop biting me, but it was worth the effort. As soon as he would start to bite me, I would end the nursing session for 15 minutes. I would have to pay close attention to him while he was nursing and I would take him off as soon as he stopped sucking. He tended to bite me once he was done eating, so I would take him off before he had the chance. He still bites me here and there, and it is hard for me to handle at times, but I try as hard as I can to catch him before he bites me. This site helped me a lot when I tried to get ds to stop biting. HTH .
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    Thank you for all of your great advice. Yeah my little angel has reallyl gave me one heck of a run for my money. I tried to unlatch her and tell her no and wait and try to nurse and so far this is working. I am just fearful she had starting to think it is a game because she laughs now right after she bites down. Bless her little heart. She is ornery already. One day at a time I just have to remind myself. Today has been a little better it seems the pain has supsided for now. thank you for all of your help. It is so nice to know you aren't alone....

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