DS has just gone 12weeks and is EBF.

Over the past week his urine output has dramatically reduced. His nappies have gone from being wet wet, to either dry or barely damp, with only one really wet one every 2 or 3 nappy changes (approx. 6-9hrs).

He appears to be feeding fine, as he is settled after a feed and is still going 3-3.5hrs in between feeds, and does a 7hr stretch overnight so I don’t think there is a supply issue. He isn’t sleeping particularly well during the day, but that isn’t anything new for him.

He has been a bit fussy today (past 10hrs) but he has also been rather gassy today, so if tomorrow is better will put it down to gas or to the 12week growth spurt.

He isn’t a regular pooper, but that hasn’t changed and he still seems to be going every 4-5days, and when he does go it is normal in consistency and colour. So he isn’t constipated at all.

I took him to the Dr but he didn’t seem too concerned, but I am. Why the sudden reduction in output?? He isn’t sick at all, and the Dr checked him out fully and has given him a clean bill of health.

It is winter here, and I have the house warm, but I wouldn’t say he is too hot.

Any ideas?? Should I be worried??