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Thread: Only poops with pumped milk

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    Do you mean before you had kids?

    Maybe the bottle has something to do with why the curdy bits aren't there. I didn't have them much with Lilah or Beatrix... and they both got bottles regularly starting around 3 or 4 months when I was at work.

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    Just ever And honestly...I'm not even sure where the curdy bits come from or what they mean..

    Sorry OP
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    Thanks ladies for your help! I decided to go see a LC today at a breastfeeding clinic drop in and she reassurred me like you guys have that it's completely normal and also a coincidence about the poop.

    And would you know it too after posting this post he has pooped at least 3 times yesterday and twice already today...I guess I should start asking questions more so he can prove me wrong lol

    He is gaining weight well hes gained 1lb 5oz since birth and she said from his birth weight till now that he is above what they want so that have me relief today. But if I was to go by what he weighed at his 3 day discharge check up he has gained 3lbs 1 oz, but the LC told me it doesn't make sence that he dropped that much weight and ommited that weight and said that their scale is in deep need of a recalibration

    Definitly going to have to try and go there once a week...after all I live next door to where they host it so I should have no excuse to not go, and the plus is it's free and he gets weighed everytime!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*rebesalsa View Post
    I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. I posted a couple days ago that my son was only pooping every other day which isn't normal for his age (4 weeks) So I decided to pull out the pump and give that a try. The last 2 days he has been pooping after I give him a bottle. I have only given him 1 a day of 2 oz as I am afraid he will get nipple confusion. So does anyone know possibly what could be the problem as to why he doesn't poop after nursing? It's kind of getting me down because I really want nursing to work and I don't want to have to stock up a supply of pumped stuff just so he can poop as I have a year off for mat leave so I won't be going back to work for 10 months and don't really plan to start pumping till a month before going back to work. Also since he's been pooping from pumped milk his poops aren't seedy anymore just the mustard color and a little more runny. He is only fed from breast milk

    Thanks for your help

    edit: He nurses every 3-4 hours for a good hour at at a time and I wait till one side is empty before offering the second
    breastfed babies can go up to 4 times a day or go up to 10 days without pooping. its completely normal.

    probably the reason he is having weird poops if he is getting too much are or too fast a flow after a bottle.

    edit didnt read all responses and saw you got it worked out! good job!!!!
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