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Thread: Separation issues?

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    Default Separation issues?

    Hi ladies,
    Quick question regarding separation issues/cluster feeding, not really sure what it is.
    This is my 2nd week back to work. I noticed that last Monday when I got home Braeden (6 wks then) wanted to nurse basically from the moment I walked in and more during the night. Every other day he seemed to be fine and was giving me decent sleep. Sunday he went down at 10p and didn't wake until 3:30a
    Yesterday he went back to daycare with his older brother. I got home and he was pretty content, daddy had given him a bottle when they got home (3:30pm ish). Around 6:00 he started fussing so I nursed...and nursed...and nursed Last night he was up almost every 1-2 hours needing to nurse. Thankfully we co-sleep so it wasn't as bad as it could have been but I'm definitely feeling it today.

    Is this normal behavior? Is it purely coincidental that it's been both Mondays he's gone to daycare? He'll be 8 weeks on Thursday so I don't think it's a growth spurt, especially since it was only 2 days a full week apart. Has anyone else encountered this?

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    Default Re: Separation issues?

    Hmm yes, after 2 days of staying home (on weekends) DD gets fussy on Mondays . I think it's normal. Everytime I start to work (I go some weeks and some weeks I stay home), she becomes the worst sleeper ever, and just wants to nurse and nurse.

    She gets better after a week or 2 .

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