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Thread: OALD, Reflux, or just Colic?

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    Default OALD, Reflux, or just Colic?

    I am not sure what is wrong with my son. He will be 8 weeks this saturday and for the past four days now he has had periods of just screaming and crying during the day. Usually they occur after nursing him, and sometimes whileI am nursing him, and like I mentioned, it has only been 4 days this has been happening. Sometimes when he starts to scream while nursing, he will come off and my milk will be spraying very strongly. This has been happening since my milk came in though, and normally he will cough and pull himself off and I will catch the milk in a breastpad before relatching him. However, over the past 4 days I have not been able to latch him back on once he starts his screaming fits. He has been spitting up a lot and it is somewhat projectile. It is not like this after every feeding though... just on occasion. He only has these screaming fits once or twice a day usually mid afternoon. I nurse him only on one breast each feeding. Any ideas why my baby is acting this way? My mom suggested I get some ovol drops and try them to see if it will help... is this a good idea? I hope this is an okay forum to be asking this stuff. Thanks in advance for any responses.

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    I had similar trials and tribulations with my DD, and unfortunately I never did figure out what the culprit was. I took her to the doctor and she suspected that she was just fussy, but gave me a trial of Zantac anyway. I gave it to her for three weeks or so and saw no real difference. You might give that a try; if he really spits up a lot then I would say reflux is likely. I also had OALD but it seems like she began to prefer that! I would definitely think about reflux though. And if you can't figure it out, just try to be patient and realize that the behavior will probably subside in time. My DD and I still have challenges but at four months she is worlds better. Good luck!

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