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    Question Sleep Nursing

    My DS (2.5mths) is always falling asleep while nursing! I have tried all advice given so far; tickling, skin to skin, changing breasts frequently; and nothing works!! He nurses every 1-2hrs, very rarely 3 hrs, during the day, but sleeps all night long (8+hrs). I use a log that I was given in the hospital to track feedings and can't help looking at the clock as he falls asleep and pretends to nurse so I don't take him off (he's gotten real good at sleep nursing). He is gaining weight properly and seems happy and content after feedings (so much so he is asleep every time!), but I would like him to finish awake sometimes so I don't have to unlatch him all the time! Any suggestions?
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    He will start to wake up more to the world soon. My older daughter was like that. My second one would (and does) nurse and then unlatch when she's had enough. The frequency of nursing sounds normal to me too - both of my daughters were like that and they sure weren't sleeping 8 hours at night.

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    sounds good to me, if he is 2.5 months he may have well gotten very good at nursing! some babies take 10 min to nurse some take 30!!!
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