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Thread: Help with Post-Tongue Tie!

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    Smile Help with Post-Tongue Tie!

    Hello All! I have a 3mo old who had severe tongue for 6 weeks. Needless to say he
    physically could not hold a pacifier, a bottle, and barely my breast in his mouth. He had his tongue clipped at 6 weeks and he nurses remarkably now. The problem we
    have right now is his utter refusal to take a bottle and his refusal to latch onto a
    pacifier. He spits both out with his tongue thrusting.

    Is my son's refusal to take a bottle/pacifier part of his tongue tie issues or is he just being stubborn? I am taking a weekend long vacation in 3 weeks and would really
    like some peace of mind knowing my husband will be able to feed him with a bottle.


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    Wow, congrats on making it through 6 weeks with a tongue tie! Awesome!

    I doubt that your baby's current issues with bottle and paci have anything to do with his tongue tie. They sound like normal breastfed baby issues. Why would you want to have a silicone nipple in your mouth when you could have the real thing? When a baby refuses bottles, having someone other than mom try to give the bottle can help. The baby knows dad or grandma have no milk except what comes in the bottle, so he or she may accept the substitute more readily.

    Any way to take the baby with you on the weekend vacay?

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    My baby had a posterior tongue tie until week five when we had it clipped. He takes a paci and a bottle with no trouble. Have you tried using different nipples for the bottle? Maybe you just need to find one he likes. ALso, my son doesn't take a paci unless he is tired/sleepy. If he is awake and alert he just clamps his mouth shut. Its pretty cute.

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