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    I went back to work and not able to breast feed my 3 month old bby. My milk supply is very low almost gone. What can I do. I really want to continue to freastfeed my bby since he was born at 35 weeks. any help would really be appreciated. thx

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    Will your baby still nurse at all? How long has it been since you stopped?

    Are you pumping?

    In order to get your supply back, you have to nurse as much as your baby will allow, and pump when he won't. You can also try some fenugreek, mother's milk tea, or oatmeal, which can boost supply, but none of that will make a difference if you aren't constantly stimulating your nipples and giving your brain the signal to make more milk! So first things first, if your baby will nurse, I would suggest sleeping with him at night and trying to get him to nurse as much as possible (this might mean less sleep). And then pumping every few hours during the day when you're at work. At first, you may not see much milk, but remember, you're sending that signal to make more! So even if you're "pumping dry" you're still on the right track.

    Depending on a lot of factors, including how long it's been since you nursed and how responsive your body is, you may be able to increase your supply all the way back to EBF, or just part-time, but either way, every drop of breastmilk is great for your baby!

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