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    My little man is 8 weeks old & he only receives breast milk. He is not having BMs without some type of assistance. The longest the Doctor has let him go before suggesting a laxative or suppository is 7 days. The last BM was 10 days & only occured bc he was giving an enema at the hospital. I would not be concerned but he gets really fussy around day 5 or 6 without BM..He will cry and try to have BMs several times a day. The doctor currently has him on Lactulose (laxative) he has been on it for 7 days and still no BM. Any suggestions or help?? should i be concerned or get a second opinion?

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    I would seek a second opinion.

    It is normal for breastfed babies to go a week or sometimes more between bowel movements. Generally, as long as the baby is gaining weight well and the poop is soft when it passes and is passed without evidence of pain, infrequent stooling in a breastfed baby is normal and does not require intervention.

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    With my middle son he had pooping issues (he has since grown out of them). I noticed that if I drank a cup of coffee every other day or so it would help him go. It's a natural dieretic for adults and seems to work the same for babies. Much easier to try than having to give suppositories...we went that route too and it made me cry!
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    Oh! Your doctor is giving you bad advice, sorry mama! Going 10 days or even longer for bf babies is totally normal. They do not need help to poop (at least not an enema or a suppository). It is not constipation unless the poop is like little hard pellets when it comes out. What is your little guy's poop like when it does happen? If he seems uncomfortable you could try pushing his knees up towards his tummy or doing a 'bicycle' motion with his legs. I know it can be stressful when you feel like your baby is uncomfortable. I'd seek out a different doctor if you can. This one doesn't sound very knowledgeable about breastfed babies.

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