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Thread: 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

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    Default 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

    Oof, I don't know what to do and I feel like a bad mommy
    My son still nurses quiet a lot - probably 5-6 times a day. I work during the day, but I work at home, so our nanny brings him in at lunch (they are usually in the park all morning) and we have lunch together, and then its a couple of times in the morning and a couple of times in the evening and maybe once at night. He also is not a big eater at all...So, he pretty much exists on my milk.
    Now, lately, I've been feeling so annoyed and touched out when I nurse him... He is all over the place all the time, sticking his toes in my mouth and constantly pulling my hair, scratching my arms, playing with his penis if he is naked after bath, etc. He is also turning his head all of the time, and that really hurts...
    I'm at my wits end. I'm feeling so resentful when I have to deal with all of this abuse while nursing him... and I am just thinking maybe I should just wean and be done with it... but what is he going to eat?
    Any advice on discipline or just dealing with this or support for weaning is welcome...
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    Default Re: 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

    I'm afraid I have no advice, except that when my dd gets too annoying I tell her "No more" and walk away. I figure if she's got all that energy to play she's not really hungry. I'm totally sympathetic to being "touched out". Hugs!

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    Default Re: 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

    I think your LO is old enough to understand some limits to his nursing behavior. The hair pulling/scratching for example. I do just like the pp, if my LO won't quit after I tell her not to do it, I put her down and that's the end of that session. She has learned pretty fast not to do anything too out of control if she really does want to nurse. Not sure where you're nursing, but it might help to have a quiet, dark environment (minimal distractions) to help him with his head turning (I'm assuming he's doing this to look at something). Or maybe if he is entertained by a nursing necklace or a small toy to play with just while you nurse, that might work too. Good luck with everything!
    p.s. it might help to get an hour to yourself/alone time to help with the "touched out" feelings. some people like quiet showers or naps or time out of the house, I like to work out since I feel my touched out feelings are frustration and getting out my own energy helps me to not feel so angry.
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    Default Re: 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

    Feel free to set some limits. Definitely no hurting mom while nursing! Being a good mom doesn't mean being a doormat, you know? You have to teach your children to be gentle in touching other people, and this is a great way to start.

    I get really skin-crawly with nursing around the time I PMS, and I do sometimes have to remind myself that it's not always like that.

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    Default Re: 16 mo old and touched out mommy :(

    BTDT. When ever my LO played too many games while nursing I would try to see if he wanted to do something else instead that involved my undivided attention. He could still stay in my arms or sit near me. If what he really wanted was "nay-nays" I didn't deny him. but the rules were no hurting mommy.
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