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Thread: what to give DS on his 1st B-day! he only eats purees.

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    Default what to give DS on his 1st B-day! he only eats purees.

    DH is mad that im not giving DS cake on his birthday, but he doesnt eat anything but organic baby mush. Does anyone have a recipe for a mushy cake that won't make my DS gag? Every time he gets solid food (ie cheerios, puffs) on his tongue he immediately starts gagging. Im also trying to find a good recipe for breastmilk ice cream if anyone has one!
    Thanks guys!
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    Default Re: what to give DS on his 1st B-day! he only eats purees.

    I don't have any recipe ideas sorry, but thinking
    1) you could soak the cake in breastmilk to soften it up. lots of tresleches type cakes are supposed to be soaking in milk and are very good! (not sure if your guests would want any though, )
    and/or 2)start practicing now with the cake and/or
    3)make a huge cake that DH likes best so he'll stop whining about it that way if DS isn't able to have any yet its not as big of a deal..
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    Default Re: what to give DS on his 1st B-day! he only eats purees.

    Have you tried softer finger foods like steamed veggies or fruit or bread at all? It's normal to gag at first while they get used to the sensation of solid food.

    My son could only eat two foods when he turned one (because of allergies) so I took a baked sweet potato and a peeled pear and pureed them together, lined a small round tupperware container with plastic wrap, packed the puree into the ziplock and let it chill for a while, then turned it over on a plate and gave the plastic a tug. The puree came out in a cupcake shape and I sprinkled it with powdered sugar.
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