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Thread: Newbie here needing help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*shawnslovely View Post
    Oh - I thought that if I stopped the early morning pumping - when he doesn't take/finish the second breast my supply would go down?! Also when he feeds at 7pm and I am full at 10pm and he doesn't happen to wake to feed at that time (usually sleeps until midnight - this is is long sleep)
    Your supply will match his needs if you're not pumping or supplementing. If you are concerned about your supply, then you should pump right after a feeding as mommal suggested. I would just be careful not to do this too often because you could end up driving yourself into an oversupply, and that can be really horrible!

    If he sleeps through a feeding, it is likely that he will make it up when he wakes. If you've already pumped, he might get frustrated because there is not as much milk as he wants. Over time your supply will increase as to match the pumping plus nursing needs (unless you are supplementing), but then it's very difficult to drop the pumping session because of engorgement. If you are really uncomfortable, then maybe pump just enough to relieve the pressure.

    Even with the pumping, however, supplementing can potentially lower your supply because nursing typically removes more milk than the pump. I think that best way to boost your supply early on is to nurse as frequently as your baby wants. Even if you feel empty let your baby nurse if he is hungry. If he's fussy five minutes later, just nurse again! This usually ensures a good supply as long as there are no other medical conditions.
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