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Thread: DS slept better last night BUT....

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    Default DS slept better last night BUT....

    The last two nights my lo has slept much better. We go to bed around 11pm and he does a 3 hour stretch and then 2 hour stretches after that..give or take a little bit.

    BUT now when I wake up in middle of the night to feed him, my breasts are rock hard and really painful!! Of course he doesn't latch on right because they are so full. I try to get some milk out with my hands before trying to get lo on...but he screams because I am taking to long.

    My question is...should I pump in the middle of the night or will my breasts regulate to my sons new night feeding schedule and ease up with time?

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    Default Re: DS slept better last night BUT....

    I'm so glad you got some sleep. I bet you feel like a new woman.

    Do NOT pump. If you do, only pump the tiniest bit out or your body won't regulate. You can also wake him earlier if you need to and have him nurse.

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    Default Re: DS slept better last night BUT....

    your breasts will regulate to your son's breastfeeding needs. although it is tempting to pump in the middle of the night the downside is your body might continue to over-produce milk . I relieved the early morning hardness by hand expressing just till I could get my nipple to protrude.
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    Default Re: DS slept better last night BUT....

    Look up reverse pressure softening...that may help with the issue of your breasts being too hard for him to latch on to right now. And don't pump...that will just keep this problem going!
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    Default Re: DS slept better last night BUT....

    I had a difficult time with hand expression too. I used to just massage my breasts some to relieve some of the engorgement. It's probably not the most effective method, but it can help soften the breasts enough to be tolerable for you and your baby.

    I'm with everyone else on pumping; avoid it if at all possible. Pumping can make things much worse! I started pumping too early, and the results were disastrous!

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