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Thread: side effects of fenugreek?

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    Default side effects of fenugreek?

    Aunt flo decided to show up on Tuesday night, supply went down so I got some fenugreek on wed. Since I've been taking it I am constantly hungry and have REALLY bad gas. Will this go away? If I stop taking it and then have to start again will it come back? I can handle smelling like an IHOP but this is just too much.
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    Default Re: side effects of fenugreek?

    Fenugreek gives me ... ahem ... digestive issues. I was taking it for a while to increase my pumping output at work, and I had several stomach-flu like incidents, and was starting to wonder what the heck was wrong with me, when I realized it might be the fenugreek, stopped taking it, and everything went away. I know it works wonderfully for a lot of people, but I can't tolerate it.

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    Default Re: side effects of fenugreek?

    Same thing here. And it gave me headaches. I cut back on the dose a bit.
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    Default Re: side effects of fenugreek?

    Ive been taking it for a week now at 3 pills 3x a day since DS is on a nursing strike and having to ep now. Ive had the digestive issues as well though they have eased up some. You could always try baking some lactation cookies, just search it up on the net, or eating old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast! GL
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    Default Re: side effects of fenugreek?

    fenugreek is an appetite stimulant. Thats what the suppliments are marketed as if you read the bottle. It gets your digestion and everything going too. So yah, its going to make you hungry and possibly give you gas. I like smelling like IHOP!
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