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    Can anyone reccommend bottles that are good for infants that are breastfed. Thank You

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    DS2 would only take the platex drop-in kind with the latex nipple. Some other mothers on here have had a similar experience, I think because the latex nipple is nice and soft. We tried a lot of other bottles, and I honestly wasn't a big fan of the waste from the drop ins, but that was all he would take.

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    All three of my babies -- I have four, but the fourth is fed via a cleft feeder -- took different bottles. You have to try different ones. But if I had a personal choice, I would choose the Breastflow bottles. My second baby did really, really well with those. I was planning to use them for my fourth -- the third refused all bottles except one, and I only ever found one of that one, and I can't even remember its name -- but he can't suck from a bottle at all. But I really like the Breastflow. It's a good idea.
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    I used the platex drop ins with a slowflow nipple with sucess. I started with the latex nipple and after ds1 got took that for a while, I switched to the silicone ones. They last longer! Always, always use a SLOWFLOW nipple. It better mimics feeding from the breast.
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