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Thread: Milk Isn't Coming In!

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    What do you do when your milk refuses to come in? I've met with a lactation expert, but it's been 8 days since the C-section. This is my first baby, I'm barely producing any milk, it seems like it's still colostrum, and I've been having to supplement my milk with formula. I'm taking fenugreek, drinking the fenugreek tea, staying hydrated, getting sleep when I can, and trying to take care of myself, but nothing is working! When do you say "Enough is enough?" I thought I should have my breast milk in between 3-5 days. Is it possible that I'll never get mine in? Am I the only one who's had this issue, this far into post-pregnancy???

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    FWIW with DD#1 my milk did not come in for 10 days. She was a big baby and she did get all my colostrum. i had an undiagnosed placental fragment and until that clog passed my supply was suppressed.
    I did not supplement so that helped bring my milk in b/c of her frequent frantic nursing.
    if you have some milk your supply will grow the more often you nurse.
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    Are you nursing enough? If you're having to supplement with formula, that could mean that your baby spends less time at the breast and that could mean further delays in milk production. Lack of stimulation from nursing (or pumping, if the baby won't nurse or isn't nursing well) is probably the number one reason why women experience delays in production.

    However, if you are nursing and the baby is nursing well, or pumping with a high quality pump and sill not seeing milk production, there may well be something physical going on that's preventing your milk from coming in. A fragment of placenta could be the culprit- as long as you have a piece of placenta in the uterus your body acts like it is still pregnant, and milk production can not begin until pregnancy ends. Other possibilities would by thyroid problems, polycystic ovarian syndrome, insufficient glandular tissue (which is really rare and your LC would have picked up on it), and if you had magnesium sulfate during your birth there are reports of that delaying milk production.

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    A baby can survive on colostrum alone and is meant to. Colostrum while there is MUCH less of it is far RICHER in content. When did you start supplementing? It is also very normal for you milk to come in later when you have a c-section because you don't release the same hormones as if you push the baby out. Mine didn't come in until day 6. I never supplemented.

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    Are you sure that you're not producing transitional milk? Mine was milk, but it was mixed with colostrum and looked like orange juice. An experienced nursing mother friend of mine looked at it and panicked thinking that my milk wasn't in. It was.

    What did your lactation consultant say when you met with her? Have you talked to her since?
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