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Thread: A Million Questions

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    You have gotten some great advice. I just had my DH give my LO one bottle a day usually in the evening and I pumped. I am pretty sure he wouldn't take a pacifier even if you offered it, I know mine wouldn't. As long as you keep nursing when you are with your baby it doesn't seem very likely to me that he would start to prefer the bottle. We actaully got kind of lazy with my son and stopped giving him bottles very often then went to Mexico for a week vacation and didn't take the pump or bottles. When we came back he wouldn't really take the bottle that well and he was only 3 months old. Luckily I only work 2 nights a week so he would just make up for it when I got home. You'll get your own routine down, you've done a great job so far.
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    weaned Dane somewhere around 3.5 no longer he likes to sleep with his sisters He's now 5

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    Oh mama, I remember getting ready to go back to work... the whole pumping and daycare and how much, etc made things 10x more stressful but it WILL be fine! Great questions, I had many of the same ones when I started. In no particular order:
    daycare: LO will figure out how to sleep without the boob. I wouldn't worry about introducing a paci, but if you have a bottle+nipple combo that is accepted, get DH to try a bottle+nap or bottle+bedtime. And if it doesn't work, don't panic! It's an adjustment for everyone, but I was in the same situation and DD has adapted nicely (although she's always been a horrible napper). I would first estimate 1-1.5 oz per hour of separation, divvy that up into maybe 3 oz bottles? Then add an extra one for good measure. Keep track (most DCP are required to provide a report) of how much was eaten, and when. After two weeks or so you'll have a better sense of what you actually need to send and can cut down on the "extra" each day. We started with (5) 2.5 oz bottles at 10 wks and are now doing (4) 3.5 oz bottles at 6 mos. Maybe ask to send an "emergency" bottle for them to keep in the freezer? Just remember to change it out every few mos. Specifically request that they do NOT empty the bottle after LO is done... if only 1/2 the bottle was taken, you want to be able to see that. Same thing that PP's said with solids, request that they be given after bottles, not before.
    Will LO be picked up approximately the same time every day? If so, request DCP does not give a bottle after X time... 4pm if you're picking up at 5pm, or whatever. Just give yourself enough time to get baby, get home, and get settled for a welcome home nursing! That way you avoid the scenario of picking up and finding a whole bottle of milk has just been heated... I don't know about you, but I refuse to give my baby a bottle. Others can give her bottles, but if I'm available, i would much rather just nurse!
    Pumping: get at least one extra set of pump parts and MULTIPLE extras of membranes, valves, etc. Make sure you have enough of whatever you're pumping INTO (bottles, bags, etc) for 2 days. That way you don't have to keep frantically washing things every night if you don't want to! Also, get a manual setup which is compatible with your electric. Not sure about your pump but mine has a "similar" manual, you just change out one part and Presto! no electricity needed. Which has totally saved my butt a couple times. Very cheap and not a space hog. Cooler bag is fine, I pump 3x/day and keep the bottles in a cooler bag. First milk in -> fridge at home is something like 9-10 hours, and never had a problem. Have 2 bags or at least 2 sets of ice packs.
    Get a hands free bra. I just leave mine with the pump and wash it on weekends. OK let's be honest here, about once/month. But I'm lazy like that.
    Unless you pump at home (which you could maybe just use the manual for? i sometimes do) you could maybe leave the pump motor and giant bag at work during the week. I leave the pump and it's bag in my office overnight, and just bring the little cooler bag with bottles, and a separate drawstring bag with a small towel for the funnels, every day. I put cooler+funnels into the big bag and lug the whole thing to the pump room for Pump #1, then leave the whole shebang there. After each pump I just put the funnels back in their bag, I don't wash them out. After Pump #3 the whole bag goes back to the office, where the cooler bag and funnels go into my giant Mommy bag for lugging home. That minimizes the amount of stuff I am dragging around but there is definitely some choreography involved! It doesn't need to be that complicated though.
    In my pump bag I keep - 1 extra bottle, extra membranes, extra nursing pads, some lanolin just in case, daily vitamins (always take them at 1st pump), chapstick, change of undies and a couple pads (If you are awaiting the return of AF)
    What you pump on Friday - put one bottles' worth in the fridge for Monday, then freeze the rest. For Monday, give all frozen + that one bottle of fresh and request that DCP uses that bottle LAST. I do this bc DD sometimes doesn't take her 4th bottle - if it was frozen I would have to dump it, but if the leftover bottle is fresh (never frozen) then I just stick it back in the fridge and use it on Tuesday!
    It all SOUNDS complicated - but after a few weeks it'll be such second nature that you won't even think about it. Good LUck!

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    You Mammas ROCK! These ideas are so helpful. Interesting about the manual pump idea for home because it would be a giant pain to bring the big pump back and forth every day. As far as picking up, I hope my dcp is ok with me nursing when I get there because we have such a long ride home.

    So I thought we were good to go with the bottles but I spoke too soon. My hubby tried again over the weekend to give LO a bottle while I went out for a few hours, and he was not having it. Apparently he was quite hungry and just kept refusing, wouldn't even let it near his mouth. He chowed down when I came home. I've been letting him play with an empty bottle but I don't know what else to do. I also tried a pacifier just for the heck of it, and that's a no-go too (but that's ok with me). How in the world do we get him to take it? Now I'm afriad to leave the house and make my poor baby go hungry. He continues to have no interest in solids so I've decided to stop trying for a little bit and come back to it. We have a lot of allergy stuff to figure out anyway and I just started an elimination diet. But I'm worried about him having nothing all day long!

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    If your baby will take a bottle no problem, you don't need to "practice" by doing more bottles, beyond maybe one or two a week.

    You've gotten great advice from the PPs. You'll see, your LO will fall into a nap routine with the DCP, they will find their own methods of getting him to sleep. The first week is the hardest.

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