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Thread: zero weight gain

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    Default zero weight gain

    hey folks,

    I'm a dad who's the proud father of an (almost) 3 week old girl.

    She hasn't been gaining weight though. Our pediatrician has been horribly unsupportive and not very helpful at all in figuring out ways we can get her to gain weight through breastfeeding only.

    birth weight was 7lb 6oz
    upon leaving hospital weight was 7lb 1oz
    2 day dr. visit she was 7lb 2oz
    2 week dr. visit she was 7lb 1oz
    we have since bought a scale and she's been consistently 7lb 2 oz

    She's been having plenty of regular stools and wet diapers, she usually seems satisfied after feeding and she's not showing any signs of dehydration.

    Our doctor's negative rhetoric has shaken the fragile confidence that me and my wife had as first time parents. I don't think we're doing anything wrong, our baby seems happy and healthy just not growing.

    The only other thing I could think was that my wife had low supply issues. so I made lactation cookies, we bought malta, fenugreek and mother's milk tea. still we're struggling.

    any thoughts or advice?

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    Default Re: zero weight gain

    It's so nice to see when the supportive dads drop by! You're doing a great thing by being so active and helping your wife to breastfeed. Congrats on the new baby!

    It sounds to me like there's no big problem at this point. Baby is content, has sufficient diapers. If your wife had low supply there would be fewer wet diapers. Three weeks is really young still, your wifes supply is still regulating at this point. Generally there should be some weight gain yes, but babies don't necessarily gain in a straight line. (i.e. the same amount each day). It could be that the baby will nurse nurse nurse for a couple of days and then seemingly overnight gain some.

    A few questions to help look into the situation more:
    How often is the baby nursing? Does she nurse on demand? Is the baby sleepy during feedings? Is your wife experiencing any latch problems or pain?
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    Default Re: zero weight gain

    Do you have access to a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC? I would definitely want to see one. A three week old baby should be back at birth weight. Plenty of wet and soiled diapers indicate that things are going right on a basic level, but maybe there's something which could be improved so that your little lady will pack on the pounds.

    Questions for you and your wife:
    - did mom have IV fluids during labor?
    - has baby always been weighed nude, on the same scale?
    - any difficulty with nursing- pain, cracks, blisters, etc.?
    - when baby unlatches from the breast, are mom's nipples shaped like pencil erasers (symmetrical) or new lipsticks (asymmetrical)?
    - how long does the baby nurse and how often does she nurse?
    - is the baby jaundiced?
    - does the baby quickly fall asleep at the breast?
    - when the baby poops, what color are the poops? (don't be afraid to be graphic!)

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    Default Re: zero weight gain

    I had a similar situation with my DD
    She was 7 lbs 6 oz at birth
    6 lbs 15 oz at discharge
    7 lbs at her 5 day
    7 lbs 1 oz at her 2 week
    At her 3 week she was 7 lbs 6 oz. Between her 2nd and 3rd week visit I just made sure she stayed on each side for at least 15 min, yes I know you're not supposed to watch the clock but I noticed she pulled off at around 5-10 min every time, but if I latched her back on she would start nursing again and go for about 20 min sometimes. Now we were also using a shield so it was taking her a little longer to get all of the milk. She was also pretty sleepy the first 2 weeks so I really worked on waking her up fully to eat. Good luck!

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    Hi there!

    My son was 8.10 at birth and left hospital at 8.00. At his one week he was 8.05 but after that he stagnated. 2 week and 3 week appts saw that there was absolutely no change. My doctor, unlike yours, was supportive of breastfeeding and looked at all his other indicators, not just the numbers on the scale.

    We had been writing down on a chart his nursing schedule and his diapers. Also, our son was strong, alert, and happy. At the three week appointment when he still hadn't gained she (the Dr.) suggested that I pump before feeding him (maybe just an ounce) and then feed him. After pumping my husband or mother gave him the extra ounce to finish off. Sometimes he wanted it, sometimes he didn't. In any case, at his 4 week appt. he had gained 9 oz!

    Around that time he was also diagnosed by my LC with a posterior tongue tie. So the pumping probably upped my supply and getting his tongue clipped helped his transfer. I only pumped hardcore like that for one week, now we are doing great all on our own! He was 3 months yesterday. He is still a low-weight baby (15th percentile) but he is long.

    Good luck! You might want to see if you can find a more supportive doctor...

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    thanks to everyone for all the support. The plan is to change doctors pronto, but priority is getting our little ladybug back on track weight-wise.

    Sofia is nursing pretty much all day long with varying degrees of intensity/focus. She nurses on demand, but she does get pretty sleepy quickly or at least even at her most ravenous she is nursing with her eyes closed.

    My wife isn't experiencing any latch problems on her end. no soreness, cracking or bleeding.

    Mom did have IV fluids while in labor

    Since the scare at the doctors we've bought our own scale and have been weighing Sofia in a consistent manner

    nipples are looking more like pencil erasers, although they don't look like that each time Sofia feeds

    the poops have been varying in color/consistency. They are evening out as mustardy yellow, but we get 1-2 green mucus poops a day, but I have a feeling thats from too much foremilk/not enough hindmilk from her microfeedings.

    The plan is to get a LC to our house on monday and hopefully she can sort us out...

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    Seeing an LC sounds like a great idea. With good diaper output but no weight gain, it'd be really tough to pinpoint what's going on without professional help. According to Nancy Mohrbacher, diaper count is a good rough indicator of milk intake, but isn't completely reliable. Weight gain is the better indicator.

    Have you tried weighing your baby before and after feedings? If you've got an accurate enough scale and weigh her before and after each feeding for 24 hours, it could give you an idea of the average amount of milk she takes in at each feeding. It would be worth talking to the LC about whether that would be helpful and how to do it.

    Please keep us posted!

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    Default Re: zero weight gain

    Also, has anyone given you the shortlist of what to do for a sleepy baby?

    For a sleepy baby rule 1 is annoy the baby. Undress them, swap sides frequently, tickle their feet...Just stay home with some good videos and doze and nurse all day keep your shirt off and baby within easy access for at least a week.

    Please come back and let us know how things are going.
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    Default Re: zero weight gain

    with karen about seeing an ibclc and doing a weigh feed weigh to see if sophia is removing enough milk. the other thing which may be extreme is an absorbsion issue with the green mucus poop and lack of weight gain. good luck
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