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    My son was born last week ,and he had been eating fine, i have had lots of milk, and today i feel like my milk has stopped coming in!! My breast are not full, they are soft, and not much milk comes out!! I dont know what to do!! Is My Milk drying out??

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    Probably not. It's normal for your supply to regulate and for your breasts to feel less "full." That just means you're making the RIGHT amount of milk. If diaper output (6-8 wets per 24 hours) is good, and your baby is gaining weight, all is well.

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    I have had lots of problems breastfeeding, first my nipples are in so much pain, they are cracked and sometimes bleed. and today one boob is soft and the other is hard, but not much milk comes out of either one!! they are not filling up like they used to..I had to give my son formula today, i feel like i failed him. He will be waking up fo another feeding soon, and i dont have milk...Earlier he cried so much because he could not get anything out..Is there anything i can take to make my milk supply come back?? I dont want to have to give up on breastfeeding!

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    Mama, JoMo is right. You do not need to feel full or engorged in order to produce sufficient milk. You only feel full/engorged when you are making too much milk, and your body doesn't want to do that because it is a waste of energy and increases your risk of getting plugged ducts and mastitis. After you have been nursing a while, it is normal to feel soft pretty much all the time. I haven't felt "full" in close to a year, yet I continue to have plenty of milk.

    If you have any doubt about your supply, watch your baby's diaper output carefully. As long as he is producing adequate wet and poopy diapers, he getting enough to eat. Good output = good input.

    If you need to increase supply and the baby is unable to do a good job through nursing alone, you need to pump. I suggest getting a good double electric pump and pumping after feedings. A trip to the lactation consultant, preferably one who is an IBCLC, is also a good idea if you have any doubts. Nothing beats hands-on help, and even if it seems expensive remember that it is going to be cheaper than a year's supply of formula.

    What concerns me from your post is the fact that you are cracked, bleeding, and in pain. Can you tell us more about how nursing feels, where the cracks are, how many cracks you have, what your nipples look like when the baby is done nursing? Also, please tell us what color the baby's poops are and how his weight gain has been so far.

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    great info from pp. get some hands on help. it will help you learn how to latch the baby without pain and give you some confidence.

    your milk is there, throw the formula out.

    focus on getting a good latch and just set yourself up to nurse him all day. this is normal and necessary to build the breastfeeding relationship. you can do this!

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    Yes. Can you please tell us WHAT gave you the impression that you needed to supplement? Because nothing in your post made me think you were not making enough milk. But if you doubt yourself and give formula for not reason you WILL end up losing your milk supply for sure. So Please, Don't panic, Step AWAY from the formula and let us walk through this with you. Please list the reason that you think you aren't making enough milk. Soft breasts after a week is NOT a reason. That happens. That is SUPPOSED to happen. What else? Has your child stopped wetting his diapers? Stopped gaining weight? How do you KNOW you aren't making enough milk? Your breasts need to be actively SUCKED to get milk to come out. It's all supply and demand. So EVERY TIME you give formula you are working AGAINST supply and demand. You want to make more milk you let your baby nurse MORE. So please tell us What EXACTLY is cause the self doubt.

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    I agree with PPs. Bleeding and cracked nipples and painful nursing sound like a latch problem. Hands on help will be good, or go to Dr. Jack Newman's website and watch the videos of babies nursing, and how to latchhttp://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=...id=6&Itemid=13.

    If the baby is not latched they cannot remove enough milk which could be why your LO is crying. Just keep nursing, and like the other posters said step away from the formula, it really will make your milk go away.

    Keep at it Mama, your're doing the right thing for your LO by nursing!

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