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Thread: Pees a lot and other question

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    Question Pees a lot and other question

    My DS will be 4 weeks on sunday and I'm a little concerned that he pees too much. I shouldn't seem surprised at this as within the first 5 min of his life he had already peed 3 times before they could get a diaper on him. I'm just wondering do you think 8-10 heavily solid diapers a day is too much? His urine checks out fine, colorless no strong odor to it

    Which this now leads me to my next question about diaper output as he used to poop like a trooper but it seems like this past week and a half that he only poops every other day and it's a massive blow out and on the off days it appears that he has a racing stripe or smudge of poop in his diaper so does that count as a poop count?, he doesn't seem to be having any straining issues at all.

    I EBF and I do one side at a time because since this whole pooping issue I've been worrying that he isn't getting enough hind milk and he will spend a good hour or 2 on it (I think some of it is for comfort however) and still nothing

    And one last question...sorry about a lot in one post but should I wake him up to feed? I used to wake him up every 2 hours to eat, but life has come back into order and sometimes it has slipped my mind dealing with him and a toddler. I know a baby will not starve itself before putting up a fuss and I do check him for signs of dehydration and when he does wake he usually cluster feeds for anywhere between 3-4 hours and then goes back to sleep. I never let him go more then 4 hours without feeding, although most times he wakes up at 3.5 to feed.

    He is gaining weight very well we had a issue at his 6 day old appointment as my milk had just came in the day before and he had dropped to 4lbs 9 oz (discharged at 6lbs) and they told me to suppliment which I didn't listen and at his last appointment last week he was 7lbs 10oz

    Thanks for your help

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    A baby can't pee too much.

    4 weeks is a little early for a baby to space out his poops to every other day, but since he is gaining well I wouldn't worry.

    Nursing on one side at a time is something you want to do only if you have an oversupply of milk or if the baby doesn't seem to want the second side. As long as the baby's poops are yellow, you should allow the baby to finish the first breast at his own pace and then offer the second breast. (Yellow poops indicate adequate hindmilk intake.)

    At just 4 weeks, I would continue to wake your baby every 2 hours during the day. I would probably allow a 4-5 hour stretch at night because he is gaining weight nicely. But if you want to be ultraconservative, waking him every 3-4 hours at night won't hurt.

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    sounds good to me! my dr said if he was gaining weight well and waking himself up to feed then i didnt have to wake him up anymore! at 5 weeks my lo was sleeping 5 hours at a time!
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    Everything sounds pretty normal to me, my LO pees a lot as well (most days 10+ times, we go through A LOT of diapers as he hates a wet bottom), he also gained weight well enough that I started letting him make his own sleep schedule almost immediately and he still (2.5 months now) sleeps 8+ hours most nights. I was told by my DR and a LC that as long as he was getting in enough feedings during the day and gaining well I shouldn't worry! I can't comment on the pooping, as DS still poops at least 3x per day, but from everything I have read on here is sounds normal for him as long as they are yellow.
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    Babies typically pee VERY often. But it is sometimes hard to tell when they are diapered.



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