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Thread: Bottle or Attachement? Help PLEASE!

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    My baby is 4 months old and all of a sudden doesn't love taking her bottle. She'll eventually take it, but it's a lot of work for me. The other day I left her with my husband for a little while, and I had nursed not too long before I left (but I left him a bottle of expressed milk). Less than 20 minutes after I left, he called me and said she was screaming... It was nothing like I have ever heard. It made her look like she laughed at her shots. I rushed home, and when I got there, I picked her and got her calmed down (she was still sobbing). I nursed and she went right to sleep. When she woke up she was fine. I don't know if this is a I'm scared to be without mommy phase or if it was because she was hungry. My hubby offered her the bottle and that's when her fit started. She was introduced to the bottle at a week old and never had any problem with any that we offered her. I'm really upset, I feel like my husband thinks this is my fault (he didn't want me to BF either), and I'm just really worried about my baby. I return to work in mid-August and right now, if I knew we could do it financially, I'd not go back.

    I think I need more of a pat on the back than anything! I am doing what's best for my baby, right?

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    my son wouldnt take a bottle, ESPECIALLY if he is sleepy!! now at 5 months he will take one bc he can kinda hold it himself, i also let him drink out of a cup(kinda messy the first few times), and i use sippy cups...but if he is hungry AND sleepy there is nothing anyone can do! also she probably missed you !

    if you are the one who usually puts her to sleep that will make a difference too. she was probably too sleepy and your hubby couldnt get her to sleep. we have to turn on the blow dryer or vacuum and put my son in a swing or bounce him in the bouncer if he is too tired!!
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