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Thread: Lots of questiOns!

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    Default Lots of questiOns!

    Well my LO will be almost 6 months! We are looking forward to introducing solids. I went to a class about this topic and there are some things that left me confused. Is rice cereal a first food because it's easy on the tummy? What about iron? If I make my own rice cereal would it have enough iron? What first foods are alternatives with iron? Also it was mentioned not to give sweet foods first, cause baby will only want sweet after that or develop a sweet tooth. Isn't breastmilk sweet? I don't get it? Eggs (yolk&whites) can be given @ 6 months, peanut butter before a year? I like The idea of BLS and don't want to give rice cereal if not necessary. Just dont know where to start and there's so much info to take in!

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    There is a huge diversity of opinion on solid foods. Ask any two doctors and you'll probably get three opinions.

    Rice cereal is a popular first food because:
    A) it is not particularly allergenic
    B) it is cheap
    C) it is fortified with iron
    D) it is easy to spoon-feed
    E) it is easy to prepare

    Aside from (C), there's nothing on that list that makes rice cereal an especially good first food. You certainly could make your own rice cereal, and put some vitamin drops in it to fortify it, but IMHO a better thing to do would be to offer iron-rich solids like spinach, beans, and meats. You also might want to get your child's iron level checked- it's a simple blood test, often done at the 9 month well-baby office visit- in order to determine whether or not you need to worry about your child's iron levels.

    The advice about not offering sweet foods first is completely outdated. You can go ahead and offer fruits rather than veggies as first solids, if you choose to do so. Fruits make great BLS choices, since they are often soft and easy to make into little spears or chunks.

    WRT allergenic foods, again, the advice is all over the map. Some pediatrician's will say you should delay them until a year, others will say go ahead and watch for reactions.

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    Rice cereal is not necessary. There are lots of other foods with iron, and really your BM has lots of iron, and rice cereal with iron was developed to support the nutritional needs of formula fed babies, plus it's really gross!

    I started my baby off with mashed avocado, mashed banana and baked/pureed sweet potatoe (bake in the skin to get all the iron). She loved all three. I think the "don't feed them sweet foods or they will develop sweet tooth" is ridiculous. You're right BM is really sweet!

    At this age the primary food source is BM. Other foods are supplemental, more for learning than nutrition. Feed your Lo lots of different foods, fruits and veggies, oatmeal, your own rice cereal if you want (it's still gross and my LO completely rejected).

    A good website is www.wholesomebabyfood.com. Good guidelines and recipes. But if you want to do BLS just make the food available and let your LO go to town. I did start with purees to get her used to having food in her mouth and swallowing at 6 months, but a few weeks later she wanted nothing to do with purees and was pulling food off my plate. Now she likes to feed herself at 10.5 months and eats pretty much everything we do. I try to sneak in a few extra spoons here and there to make sure she's getting her fill.

    And keep Bfing. Solids don't replace bfing. My LO still bfeeds probably every 3 hours, she loves the boob.

    My grandma made a good comment to me about solids when I was telling her all the "rules". She said that in her day there were not the rules, and all of her kids turned out just fine! Though you do need to watch for alergies but other than that go nuts!

    Have fun with your LO as she explores food! Watch out for the flying food!

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    Thanks ladies, still trying to figure out what I'm gonna do! DH likes the idea of rice cereal ( I've let him read articles about it) anyways, so I said we will make our own. But we shall see! Lol!

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    The rice cereal that is commercially produced is left overs from other processed foods.then it is treated with spray on vitamins.
    plenty of families wait until the LO can sit up unassisted, and can pick up items with thumb and forefinger before starting solid foods. LLL has a list of first foods and when, how and why to introduce them. Rice is pretty low on the list for first foods b/c it lacks fat and protein.
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