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    I have read lots of other posts that say when babies have green poo it means that they are getting too much foremilk and not enough hind milk. Question about that though...others say that they feed their baby on just one side at a feeding, but it seems like my baby is way hungrier than that. I will feed her on a side for anywhere from 20-40 minutes and she will have like 3 or 4 times of pulling off (either falling asleep or just because). When I put her down because she seems like she is done, she acts really hungry again, so I feel like I should offer the other breast. Should I NOT offer the other breast though? I feel like there is nothing there for her to feed off of because she has been sucking for so long...it seems like 20-40 minutes there should be some good hindmilk in there. Any suggestions?

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    There are other kinds of green poo. If your baby seems hungry and she emties your breast, yes offer her the other side! The green poos from a milk imbalance are generally frothy. Other kinds of green poo may have some mucous in them or just be green in color. Any time I have seen this there has been some kind of sickness. Either congestion or a cold. Just keep nursing on demand. If your baby completely empties your breast and is still hungry and doesn't come off or fall asleep by all means offer the other side.HTH!

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