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Thread: Ages and Stages? BLS??

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    Question Ages and Stages? BLS??

    MY son is now 8 months old he will be 9 months on the 29 and we have had a bit of a journey. BUt we have made it. Well I have let him eat off of my plate and have other foods since he was just about 6 months and showed me he was able to "handle" and enjoy the food.

    Well He doesnt eat much baby food and generally has about 14-15 oz of milk between 9 am and 5 pm, when im at work and nurses on demand about every 2 hours or so when Im home. And not much baby food. When Im home He eats what I have on my plate, though I do try and give him some baby food. he just isnt all that interested and will refuse it and grab for whatever the "big people" are having
    and he hates that processed meat food. UGH I cant blame him though, it makes me gag just smelling it. though my nephew loves it.?? Different taste buds lol.

    Do you ladies know what "Stage" a 8/9 month old should be eating, and if wic only only offers stage 2 or when they "renew" for the baby do they do anyother stages at 9/10 months?

    I know they follow the WHO charts and all but i dont know what WHO and AAP say about food. I know I go against what alot of doctors around our area agree with when it comes to a baby eating because I do feed him what he wants when he watns it and not put him on a schedual. If im hungry or thirsty I eat or Drink, why should i tell a little baby no??

    We receive wic and they give a ton of baby food more than other mothers and babys because we breastfeed. LIke 80 or so jars? They are all stage 2 from the time he was six months till now. "They Believe at the WIC office that a baby should have breastmilk//or formula exclusivly untill they are 6 months of age.

    My sister in law gives her son stage 3 baby foods and says that is what the "book" calls for at his age, though she said they say 9 months and she started at 8.

    I dont really follow a book or anything. If im eating somthing I offer it to

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    Default Re: Ages and Stages? BLS??

    Wholesomebabyfood.com is a GREAT resource.
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    Default Re: Ages and Stages? BLS??

    WIC only gives stage 2 foods I believe .We never used our jar food checks because we do BLS. I've heard SOME offices will let you get fruit/veggie checks before a yr in exchange for jar food. Ours does not do that sub so we just don't get them. At 12 mo you'll get a check for fruits and veggies.

    We never use pureed baby food just regular table food. We started with Avocado and went from there. Wholesomebaby food is a great resource!

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