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Thread: Very fussy baby!!!

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    Default Very fussy baby!!!

    Hey mommies! Haven't been on in a couple weeks because I have been so frustrated about having to give my lo formula I still nurse but it seems like he likes the formula much better. I have also been giving him a little rice cereal at night because he won't sleep long at all. I mean he was waking up every 30 min. screaming so I figured he was still hungry. I gave him a teaspoon of cereal in his 4oz. bottle and he slept all night! I know you are supposed to wait until they are 4mths. but... He is fine and well rested now!

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    Have you been pumping? If the baby has been having trouble maintaining a good supply for you, you have to get in there with the pump.

    No cereal in the bottles, PLEASE!!!! It is a choking hazard for a young baby. And when you have a supply issue, you do not want the baby to go long periods between nursing sessions. Every time you do that, your body is missing the message that the baby would have given it by nursing- and that message is "make the same amount of milk or more all over again, and do it fast". Especially if you don't take the initiative and pump while the baby is sleeping.

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    from what I know about babies, a sleeping baby is not equal to a satisfied, well fed baby. Sleeping does not equal healthy. a baby who wakes to nurse is an active participant in his own well being.
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    Perhaps your LO likes how easy it is to get the formula, rather than the actual formula itself. It is much quicker for them to get the formula out of the bottle because it just pours out and into their mouth. They have no other option but to suck it down. Yuck!

    There are so many reasons not to give rice cereal, especially in bottles. I definitely agree with mommal, it is a serious choking hazard. That is the most important of the many reasons to not give it, especially at such a young age.

    How old is your LO? How is his latch? Are you making sure to pump every time he is given formula? The best way to boost your supply is to nurse. If you are not nursing, you should pump if doing formula supplements. This is how your body knows to continue to produce milk for your baby.
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    Actually adding rice cereal to a bottle is never recommended (not even at four months and up) except in some cases of gastroesophageal reflux, in which case it must be done under the supervision of a doctor in that it can exacerbate the condition. As mentioned, feeding cereal mixed with any fluid in a bottle is a very dangerous practice as it can cause an infant to inhale the fluid into his/her lungs. If you feel you must feed cereal, you need to feed it with a spoon from a bowl.

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