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    My baby is 5.5 weeks and I was just wondering - lately he has been going 3-4 hours for feedings. I know breastfed babies are supposed to go 2-3 hours, but he sometimes (several times daily) makes it to 4 hours with no problem. Also, at night he has gone almost up to 5 hours before. Is this amount of time okay? He is wet and dirty every feeding, and has gained weight just fine (birth weight: 6.11, now over 10 pounds).

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    Sounds fine to me. As long as you're feeding on demand and he's still wetting and pooping enough diapers, I wouldn't worry.
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    sounds normal. Just watch his diaper output and weight gain. If they are okay, then so is the baby. That being said, what would happen if you offered to nurse every 2-3 hours during the day? Maybe he'd go for it...?

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