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Thread: Iron supplements?

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    Question Iron supplements?

    Our GI today requested a blood test to check Amee's iron levels. She's started purees, but won't be allowed any meat products for a very long time (too much risk of blocking her esaphogus), and he said that TEF babies can develop anemia when mother's iron levels return to normal.

    Has anyone else had any experience needing iron supplements? Are there any questions I should ask? I know for adults iron supplements can cause some pretty bad constipation, but I'm unfamiliar with how if could affect infants. TIA!
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    Default Re: Iron supplements?

    I don't have any experience with iron supplements in an infant, but DS2 is anemic and has to be on supplements. We use floradix (available in natural food stores) because he is very prone to constipation. His GI doctor and our pediatrician's nurse were really confused about it and had never heard of it, but our pediatrician eventually gave the okay to use it. It is supposed to be less likely to cause constipation, and so far DS2 hasn't had any problems.

    I hope that her iron levels come out normal and you don't have to worry about supplements at all.

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