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    Question Cluster Feeding

    FTM here so bear with me. My son is 3 wks and has been cluster feeding all morning (9-noon) and then a smaller session 1-3pm and then again 7-9pm. I know he could be going through a growth spurt but it seems like this has been going on for over a week? Does this sound normal? How long do cluster feedings normally last? Thanks for the help!

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    The early weeks of breastfeeding are a time of learning. the pattern your LO is in now will not last.
    He will go through many different breastfeeding patterns as he matures. for me, it wasn't until my LO's were 3 months old until my days were predictable.
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    I remember at around 3 weeks thinking my entire days were cluster feeds! I used to get so frustrated by the end of the day!! It does change. My son still cluster feeds at 3 months but now its only from around 7-10pm. Hang in there!!

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    i dont like the term "cluster feed" but that's just me. babies need to build supply, get nutrition cuddle, feel loved, etc. they just need to be close to mama...a lot. my lo did not really take a break from nursing for 8 weeks...no joke

    your lo seems to be doing fine. enjoy this time, it will be gone soon.

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    Thanks guys! It helps to know it is normal and that it will end at some point! At least he doesn't really do it through the night!

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    How long DOES is seem like it's been going on?

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