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Thread: Seems like she's having painful BM's?

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    Default Seems like she's having painful BM's?

    Hello, I'm a first-time mom and my 3 week old baby girl is usually very alert and quiet, but has been very fussy between feedings and starts crying pretty hard when having a BM. She won't poop for 6 hours or so, then seems to have about 3-4 BM's in a pretty short period (15 minutes or so) and they completely fill the diaper. I've breastfed since day one, could this be due to my diet? I don't eat spicy foods but have had rich/fatty foods a few times lately. She has also been falling asleep during feedings, I try my best to keep her awake, change positions, I burp her during feedings, but she falls asleep every time. She has been gaining weight, so I know she's eating well, I just wonder if I should change my diet somehow so she isn't straining or in pain during BM's. Could she be eating too much during each feeding? Is it possible for newborns to eat too much? Ok thanks for any feedback!

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    What you describe sounds like a pretty normal newborn issue, and not anything connected to your diet. Some babies are very mellow about pooping. They're like, "Oh, whatever," when having a bowel movement. Other babies aren't as laid back about it. They squirm, cry, fuss, make funny faces... Those are the kids who are still getting used to the whole experience of using their digestive system.

    In short, I wouldn't worry. If your baby seems really uncomfortable, you might want to pop her in the bath. A warm, relaxing bath can make a baby move her bowels without as much effort or fuss. Of course, you'll have to wash baby poop out of the tub, but I always found that a small price to pay...

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    Thank you so much! It is a little nerve-racking being a FTM, this is my first visit to this forum thing and it's nice to know I'm not alone in all this

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    I also am a FTM and my lil guy has been doing that for the past two weeks (just turned 3 weeks the other day). Though it is better now than what it was ... Dr says it takes some time for some babies to figure out how to "coordinate" their muscles to poop! It used to be that he cried whenever he had to have a BM but last night he slept through one so I would say there is just a learning curve!

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