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    I had a quick question, my baby was breast feeding just fine after he was born and when we got home he went on strike and refused to feed, so I had to pump breast milk out just to feed him. I would pump for 10 - 15 mins on each breast and present it to him, he ate just fine. This morning I tried breast feeding him again and he seems to back to normal. My question is, if he only feeds from one breast an falls a sleep and does not wake to feed on the second, do I pump the second breast for 10 mins in order to relieve it? I also just found out that I may be coming down with Mastitis and have been placed on antibiotics before it gets worse, would this affect my baby?

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    Congratulions on getting him back to your breast! I wouldn't pump. It sounds like you've created an oversupply for yourself and should just let your body figure out how much milk to make. Your baby might get a tiny amount of antibiotics through your milk, but it shouldn't be enough to matter. You can go to http://www.infantrisk.com/ to find information about it, or tell us which antibiotic it is and we can help you look and see. I'm sure the doctor who prescribed it understood that you are breastfeeding, so it is most likely fine. :gvbies

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    with the PP. Though if you have mastitis, i think you should probably empty the affected breast as much as possible. Yes, it means perpetuating the oversupply situation (if you have one), but that is secondary to treating the mastitis. So if baby nurses off the unaffected side, I do suggest pumping the mastitis breast. Once the mastitis is gone, come back and talk to us about how to get your supply adjusted without ending up engorged or with a repeat bout of mastitis.

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    Totally been there! Mastitis really stinks. You've got to empty that breast as often as possible to help it get better. Offer that breast first at nursing and pump if necessary to empty it. You could also hand express, use heat or ice to help. I had a clogged duct for a couple of days and managed to break it with a lot of hand massage, nursing, and the heating pad. Good luck!

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