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Thread: Arguments for having a "milking" room

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    Question Arguments for having a "milking" room

    I'm a working mother which currently has a permit to breastfeed from home for a few hours . I would like to continue with bf plus there are 2 other pregnant woman at work that would like to also bf but they work in a different area and they don't get the time to go back home to breastfeed
    I would like to propose to have a room where we can pump the milk, but I need some good arguments to convince the company that this is not just a whim.
    Currently most of the top heads are male and not very understanding of this need. Plus the meeting rooms have glass doors (so is just a matter of putting something to cover the door) but there is always the problem that there are not enough meeting rooms for the operation (they are always busy ).

    Can you please share some ideas for good business arguments?

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    Where are you located? There may be laws requiring your company to provide a space for expressing milk.

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    I'm located at the north of Mexico

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    Hmm, have you tried posting in the Spanish language forum? There may be someone there with specific knowledge.

    Good arguments for maintaining a room for expressing milk:
    1. Breastfeeding women are less likely to become ill from mastitis if they are able to express milk at regular intervals. That means fewer sick days, and lower costs for the company.
    2. Breastfed babies become sick less frequently than formula-fed babies. Employees who successfully nurse their babies will have to take fewer days off in order to care for sick kids.
    3. Companies who support their nursing moms are perceived as good places to work. Providing a clean, private place to pump builds employee loyalty.

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    Thanks! those are great. I will also try a spanish forum.
    Thold.se should also work for the meetings I want to held. Thanks again!!

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