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Thread: ? - Breastfeeding with flat nipples

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    Hi! Just wanted to give a quick update
    My baby was born on March 30th and fortunately we have been doing well with the bf. The shells did help draw out my nipples some, although I don't use them anymore now. Too much leaking after my milk came in. Besides, since he has a good suck, he draws them out.
    Now, 10 days later, I've developed some cracks - not too bad (at least yet). I'm using lanolin to heal them. However I'll put that in a different post.
    Thanks again for all the suggestions on flat nipples!

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    Thanks for the update Alicia!

    Ask away, that's what we're here for!

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    Hey Alicia,

    Wow, what great news! Congrats on your new baby and on getting bf off to a good start despite the flat nipples!

    Sorry to hear you've developed cracked nipples, though -- so painful! I'll look for your post with more details on this.


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    I also had this problem (unknown to me until the lactation consultant and midwife pointed it out). I used a nipple shield to get my baby to latch on. During the feeding (when she took a break), I would remove the nipple shield and she would then be able to latch on because the nipple had been pulled out. Now (5 weeks) I don't have to use it at all.

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