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Thread: Exercising and milk supply

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    Default Exercising and milk supply

    I would like to start exercising to get rid of my baby weight. This is my 3rd baby and the weight is not coming off ( its only been almost 5 weeks but I'm getting frustrated and nursing hasn't stimulated the weigh loss) Does anyone know how this will effect my milk supply? Any limitations etc?

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    @ 5 weeks, I would still not do anything too strenuous. You aren't really supposed to start exercising until 6 weeks PP I thought?

    Anyway, check out the Weight Loss subforum under the "Around the Refreshment Table" heading towards the bottom of the page. Lots of good info there, and even some ladies who are doing the same as you. Good luck!
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    i worked out a lot before being pregnant and lightly during pregnancy.

    i started working out after about 3 weeks, but VERY light. honestly, even when i started going harder the weight wouldn't budge.

    take it easy for awhile and ease back into it. eat healthy but dont diet, be active each day and the weight will come off. be patient. your body has been through a lot and nursing requires a lot of energy.

    I liked starting with the Shred video. 2o min, you get moving. good stuff.

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