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Thread: 40mm breast shields?

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    Basically I have enormous breasts. I wear a 32HH bra and my nipples are extremely large. Does anyone know if there is a larger than 36mm size breast shield available? I am currently using the Medela manual pump with the 36mm shields and they are too small and causing me some pain. I am about to buy an electric pump but I can't find any breast shields large enough for my nipples. I would like to make sure the pump I buy has large enough shields. This is the most important thing. The only 40mm shield I have come across are glass and sold by Medela for their Symphony and Lactina breastpumps which I cannot afford... Help!

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    No, I've never seen any that large. I'd never even seen the glass ones. It was hard enough finding the 36's...by measurement, I should be using a 27, but the 36 is much, much more comfortable for me.

    Are the glass ones shatterproof? That's what I'd be scared of..breaking those things! I drop the horns constantly.

    Horns are interchangeable, usually, between types. I use my Symphony's horns on my Freestyle. The connectors for the Symphony are the same ones for the PISA.

    I would say this...if you need that size to make pumping comfortable -- if you have to pump (like at work) -- then they will be worth every penny.

    I don't know if you would be one of the folks the PumpinPals would work for I hated them, but not because of a sizing issue. It was more that the suction continually broke and milk would leak backwards in them. But the kit has all the sizes and is about $35.
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    I was in your shoes, too. I used Medela 36 mm flanges for months, but they were just slightly too small. When I discovered the Pumpin' Pal flanges, my soreness definitely improved, though I did experience that it took slightly more time for me to complete my pumping. I think their extra large is about equivalent to a 40 mm flange. The flanges work on any common brand of pump.


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