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Thread: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

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    Default Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    Should I be concerned that my LO, who turned 9 months two days ago , exhibits the following?:

    1) Still wakes up every 2 hours, at which time I either nurse him or give him a bottle. I am no longer exclusively breastfeeding. I did for 7 1/2 months but just couldn't keep up with his supply needs. I've managined to build some supply back up and I am able to pump enough for 3 4-oz. bottles per day while I work and one 4 oz. bottle at bedtime. At night, he won't nurse for long and wiggles or pops off constantly because he's easily distractable so I supplement by giving him formula when he wakes in the middle of the night. (I would love to give him breastmilk in a bottle but have exhausted my breastmilk supply with the bottle I give him at bedtime.) I'm stumped as to why he is still up every 2 hours if he's being formula fed during the night once he wakes after he's been put down for bed. Last night went like this:

    9:00PM (late..it's usually 8-830PM) - Put to bed with 4 oz. bottle of breastmilk; Screamed for more, gave him 2 oz. of formula before he finally fell asleep
    11:00PM - Nursed and then 4 oz. bottle of formula (I pump at midnight for supply)
    1:30AM - 4 oz. bottle of formula; Wide awake for 1 hour
    3:30AM - Awoke several times and nursed side-laying numerous times
    5:30AM - Wakes; 4 oz. formula (I pump at 6AM to fulfill daytime supply needs)

    2) At 9 months, he's not fully crawling yet. Has been getting up on hands and knees for nearly 2 months and is able to push himself backwards, but cannot move forwards and often just rolls over onto his back and rolls his way to where he wants to go or lays down on his stomach and squirms his way there (he's very frustrated while doing it). I can tell his arms are getting stronger and I've tried putting my knees against his feet to give him something to push off of, but have not made any progress in moving forward on all fours. He occassionally lifts his butt up so he's on his hands and toes and makes some progress, but only inches and then drops.

    3) Refuses nearly all purees/solids and what I can get in his mouth, I get in against great resistance. Fights me tooth and nail. He will eat Gerber Graduate veggie stix and bitterroot cookies like there's no tomorrow though, but I don't want him eating cookies all day long and, yet, it's the only thing I can get him to eat! I felt awful last night when I got frustrated trying to feed him (my original goal was to get him to feed himself) some softened carrot squares. When he wouldn't eat it himself, I tried pushing a little piece in his mouth and he got pissed, leaving me feeling like a pushy mom- like I'm tormenting him and I don't want him to have a negative association between me and his eating. Does that make sense?

    I know that some babies take a LONG time to start solids, but I'm concerned that his inability to crawl yet and his continued sleep issues has to do with a lack of nutrition or that he has development issues. He's extremely happy otherwise...very interactive with people. Is trying to talk. Plays well with his toys. Very attentive.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

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    Default Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    My daughter woke up at least every two hours until she was 15ish months old. Then it was every 3 or 4 hours until she was nightweaned at 20ish months old. I know some other moms with the same story.

    Crawling- my daughter didn't do it until she was 9 or 10 months old. There is a broad range that is acceptable here. I don't think you have anything to worry about, he will probably do it soon. For sure, he will do it eventually.

    The food thing doesn't sound far off from the range of normal for me either, Lilah didn't really take to food until she was about 15 months old.

    If he wants to feed himself, I might just start giving him big enough chunks for him to pick up and let it be up to him. Solids are only for fun for the first year anyway.

    I'm not sure if you're thinking he should be sleeping longer just because it's formula. My friend's son woke every 2 hours for 2 years, and he was drinking formula after 6 months.

    Have you been to the pediatrician to rule out any health conditions? I know you've been worried about the sleep issue for a long time, but he does sound in the range of normal for everything you've said here.

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    Default Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    DS1 never really ate baby food, not because I didn't try but because he didn't want it. His ped said that she sees that in bf babies because breastmilk is often "flavored" by what mom eats and baby food seems really bland to the babies. She noticed this particularly in babies whose moms were from India or the middle East. She let us go ahead and give him what we were eating. He also liked to feed himself more than being fed. I was very interested in reading about baby led solids with DS2, considering that it is very much what DS1 decided to do himself.

    As to crawling, that seems about when my two started to crawl. There is wide variability in how babies develop; it sounds like he perhaps is just working more on other milestones.
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    Default Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    with previous posters.

    I get where you're coming from, and I've wondered similar stuff. Lillian is 9.5 months and she only JUST started scooching around on her stomach - using only one leg, I might add. She also wakes up at night all.the.time. I can't tell you how often or at what times, because I finally stopped looking at the clock since it was so depressing

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    Default Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    I have a 9 month old who is crawling but the few weeks leading up to it were quite frustrating. She stopped sleeping (well would only sleep in 2 hour increments at night) wouldn't let me nurse her to sleep in bed anymore (has to be in the rockingchair with no lights or noise) and decided she didn't want to go to bed until after 10pm which was way later than before.

    It gets better!! Once she started crawling it took about 2 weeks for her to settle back into a more normal routine again. I thought I was doing something wrong but just when I thought I couldnt handle it anymore she was fine again :-)

    You'll get there, I promise!!

    Food: I started my LO on purees at 6 months (made all my own) but it seemed like overnight about a week ago she started feeding herself. And she doesn't want me to feed her AT ALL!! so your LO refusing the food you're trying to feed him might be part of the independence their feeling at this age. I agree with PPs. Offer him food and he'll eat when he's ready :-)
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    Default Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    Thanks so much for the replies and for your encouragement. It hadn't even occurred to me that his sleep regression could have to do with him being about to crawl. (I had problems with his sleep in the past, but we had been making progress and in the past few weeks I was concerned that he seemed to be regressing back to his old schedule (or lack thereof). Thanks for reminding me about that trend, Melanie. And, scienceteachermommy, I think you might be onto something regarding the blandness of the baby food. I have never strayed away from the spicy foods that I like...maybe he just likes things with more punch!

    Incidentally, my husband called me yesterday while he was having lunch with our son and his mother and said Jax was eating mushroom soup. Go figure. (I was a little worried because we haven't tested mushrooms and I don't think I've EVER heard of anyone feeding their baby mushrooms, but my DH says he loves it and he didn't have any reaction to it overnight. If anyone knows any reason to be concerned about feeding mushrooms, please let me know!)

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    Default Re: Should I be Concerened (Solids and Development)

    My LO still crawls on his belly - he is fast- (did the backwards scooting thing FOREVER! ), never on his hands and knees - he is almost 10 months old - he will get there Momma! In regards to the night waking, we just went through a major sleep regression the past 3 months: he got 6 teeth, had his first ear infection (when he cut his top two teeth), starting crawling, and finally sitting up alone and standing himself up. I hope we are settling back down into a better routine. So, I just wanted to sympathize with you - I have been exhausted and feel your frustration! We do formula before bed and one or two bottles/day during the week as I am also no longer making enough milk. Hang in there Momma, you are doing great!

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