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Thread: Sleep Sleep Sleep....8 month old waking frequently at night

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    Default Sleep Sleep Sleep....8 month old waking frequently at night

    Good evening - am new to this forum and hoped someone may have some helpful ideas about how I can get a couple of hours extra sleep at night for myself...my 8 month old, until about 2 months ago, was waking once or twice in the night for a feed which was all well and good. Recently, it's been every 2 hours.....she usually ends up in bed with me helping herself in the early hours. My poor husband is sleeping on the top bunk in our 3 year old's room and I am surviving on 3 - 4 hours broken sleep a night. I breastfed our first child for a year and her sleep progressed in that she went longer and longer between feeds, eventually sleeping for 6/7 hours most nights by about 9 months. This time round, E's sleep is deteriorating. I suffer with anxieity and this is exacerbated by tiredness - it's really getting me down. Maybe she is teething...not sure...I am surrounded by friends/family urging me to get her to CIO, usually saying "you don't feed her when she wakes do you?". I am not comfortable leaving her to cry and know that if she feeds, she drops off again easily however, I am starting to doubt myself - worrying that my feeding her when she wakes up is making it worse and encouraging her to wake more.....any ideas?

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    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you're not getting much sleep. BTDT, and man, it stinks! Big changes in waking frequency are normal throughout the first year. Some babies, like your first baby, are easy, and eventually stop waking much at night. Others will increase their frequency of night-waking, particularly when they are teething, mastering a new developmental milestone, or when they don't feel well. (Ear infections in particular can lead to interrupted sleep.)

    So, what can you do? Well, you could ignore your instincts and your mama-heart and allow your baby to CIO. It's an unpleasant solution to the problem, and not one that is gauranteed to work. If your baby is waking because she doesn't feel well or her teeth hurt, CIO is a big burden to place on her. Or you could roll with this for a while, and see if things improve. Maybe once she pops a few teeth, she'll go back to her previous easy pattern of night-waking. I personally suggest reading Elizabeth Pantley's book "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" for some gentle techniques which may help you get your baby to sleep longer and more independently without resorting to harsh CIO methods.

    One thing I encourage you not to do is to let people and their opinions get you down. It's very easy for someone who is not your child's parent, and whose heart doesn't break when your child cries, and who isn't in your house at night, to say "Oh, it's easy, just CIO.". It's easy for them. That doesn't mean it's right for you.

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    Thank you thank you - book ordered from amazon....your reply made me well up a bit - am obviously a bit tired and emotional....have stopped talking to certain relations about E's sleep - they ask and I just say "oh, it's fine"....everyone's an expert :-/....many thanks again for your supportive and useful comments x

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    A lot of mamas use that technique- when nosy great-Aunt Muriel says "So how is the baby sleeping?" they just smile and say "Great!" because that's the only way to get Muriel to mind her own beeswax.

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    There is so much going on during the first year. My first did that kind of sudden crappy sleeping a bunch of times during the first couple years. Sometimes it was teething, sometimes sick, sometimes just a little bit of crazy. :-) I don't know what your tolerance for crying is, but one thing that worked for us was that my husband would hold her, rock her, etc. instead of me nursing. She wasn't all that happy about it, but it did help mine sleep better when she wasn't waking for the boob. One thing I realized too, was that she was nonstop nursing and I think waking up all the time because she was peeing so much! We tried having hubby take over during a weekend. Of course, other times in her life, that was not the issue, so it is hard to say. No matter what though, don't do anything that doesn't feel right to you, it'll just be miserable for everyone.

    It really does end. You'll feel like it has been going on forever, but really soon, this phase will be a memory. Hang in there, try to take naps!
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