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Thread: 12 months, teething, biting and refusing to nurse - day 5!

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    Default 12 months, teething, biting and refusing to nurse - day 5!

    My daughter turned one last week and the very next day she was super fussy with teething and began biting me. Every time I offer her my breast, she bites my nipple and pulls off without drinking. I told her no and put my breast away, did this several times, then yelled "Ow" a few times as the day progressed and I became more sore. I've been pumping and supplementing with formula now for 5 days. I still offer her a nurse a few times a day and she consistently leans in and bites.

    She bites my arms (and legs). She has bitten my husband a few times but seems to have stopped. My parents were visiting for the last week and cared for her a lot during that time and never were bitten. I mostly say "no biting" calmly and set her down and ignore her for one minute before picking her up again, I gave her a little love bite back yesterday.

    She is biting less on my arms, I can see her stop herself at times. I've been trying to anticipate and redivert her attention. I give her things to chew on and praise her when she doesn't bite. Been trying to hold her more than usual. Was planning to wean soon, but I am heartbroken the way it's transpired.

    Anyone had a similar experience? Wondering if it's the end or just a strike...

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    Default Re: 12 months, teething, biting and refusing to nurse - day 5!

    Sorry to hear your having a rough time. One of my twins was a biter at that age too. She had already been weaned my milk had dried up. It seemed it mostly happened when she was really upset it got to where I wouldn't even get that mad because I felt bad that she was so upset she could not control her emotions. It definitely sounds like a strike that is happened so suddenly. You could pump and continue offering to nurse. Hope it all works out for you.
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    Default Re: 12 months, teething, biting and refusing to nurse - day 5!

    Well, after 6 days we started up again. A couple of bites upon release, I've gotten better at predicting and pressing her into me before she clamps down. We're in more of a morning and bedtime routine now, which is good for me. So glad I didn't give up

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