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Thread: NEED Freestyle hands-free parts

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    Default NEED Freestyle hands-free parts

    Are there any moms out there that do not use the hands-free adapters for the Medela Freestyle Pump? First of all, you're crazy for not (those things save my sanity!), but if you don't - I would love to buy them from you!!!! I need the rubber straps that attach to the back of the pump "horns" and attach to your bra... No matter how much I search online, I have not found them for sale

    PM me

    -exclusively pumping mom whose straps just broke & needs her hands back
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    Default Re: NEED Freestyle hands-free parts

    PM me your address and I'll see if I can dig mine out. I've never used mine, so you're welcome to them.

    You may want to take your email address out of your post. You can ask people to PM you and they can ask for your email addy that way.

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    Default Re: NEED Freestyle hands-free parts

    They don't work as well as a Simple Wishes bra
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    Default Re: NEED Freestyle hands-free parts

    I actually used this and liked it a lot more than the Freestyle hands free set-up. http://www.pumpingband.com/

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