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Thread: New to OALD idea... welcome ANY and ALL help!!

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    Hi - I had posted something on the "Infant breastfeeding" forum. I read yours cause I think I'm going through the same thing. My 7 week girl is very gassy. I thought it was just colic cause nothing would happen for the first few weeks, but I think she's just now starting to strengthen her digestive muscles cause we're getting some burping, some forcefull burping. Her BM's are usually gassy explosions while she's crying so hard. My let down feels hard and when it happens she squirms and gulps. If she comes off I often spray her with several "fire hoses" as you say. I hold them down with a cloth diaper and put her back on cause I didn't want to loose that milk. (I had low milk supply with my son, so I worked extra hard for a good supply with my daughter) Now I think maybe I have too much. And what does OALD mean? I can't find that anywhere? What is this block feeding you did? Maybe your unfortunate troubles could help me work through mine. I feel so bad when she crys and crys and I can feel the air in her little body. Help please.

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    Redflaming, yes, it definetly sounds similar. OALD stands for Over Active Let Down. The best way to learn about it is to look on this board at ALL of the threads people have started. Other peoples experiences are super helpful, and there are some links that explain the technical side of OALD. I'll put some up here:

    Finish the First Breast First

    Overactive Let-Down: Consequences and Treatments

    Common Side Effects of an Overactive Let-Down

    Is Milk Supposed to Leak?

    How Can I Deal with My Leaking Breasts?

    Too Much of a Good Thing


    Don't give up! I was really frustrated and SOOOO sad about my whole breastfeeding experience until Friday. My poor son was so miserable during feedings and it was just getting worse and worse everyday! I felt like a horrible mom and that breastfeeding was more for me than for him and that I was torturing him by attempting to continue.
    Don't get me wrong, it's still a struggle! We were in the Target parking lot today in the back seat of the car trying to nurse and he was unlatching and crying many times... but the difference is he now latches back on. He also still struggles (though with less crying and straining) with gas and BM's, but the difference there? He's not seemingly trying to have a BM or gassy DURING nursing. I hope those links can help you and reading over the information on the Too Much Milk board can also help. Don't give up! I've seen improvement in just a few days and really want to see how wonderful my BF relationship with my son can be. Also, I read somewhere on this board a very smart thing... Don't worry about decreasing your milk supply too low, focus on the problem at hand and worry about whatever else IF it ever happens
    As for my schedule... I think it is very individual to you and your baby. Right now I give two complete feedings per breast. Usually, my son is pretty scheduled as far as feedings go, and only wants to eat every 3-4 hours. I also find that if I look at it in terms of feedings verses hours, I watch the clock less and let him have all he wants and needs. I hope you find something that works for you and keep me posted!
    Oh, and check out info on foremilk vs. hindmilk. You will find a reason for your baby's fussiness and gas within that info.
    Hope it gets better soon!!!
    Wanted to add-- while you're block feeding the breast that is not being "used" might feel full and hurt... just hand express a LITTLE bit of milk, just until you're relieved of the pressure. If you express too much your body will continue to make too much milk. And I always begin feeding and then unlatch baby myself (if he doesn't do it for me) and squeeze some milk into a towel until the firehoses turn into fast drips, then I let baby latch on again. Sorry so long!!!
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