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Thread: OALD on one side only...

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    Default OALD on one side only...

    How would you block feed when only one side has OALD? I'm afraid of losing the supply on the other side. Milk shoots out during and a little after let down on my right side but never on my left. I thought about pumping my left side during the time that I'm using the right side only, but pumping or BF on my left side always makes my right side let down... Is that okay? Also, I think my baby now HATES breastfeeding because of dealing with the OALD, what are some ways to improve our breastfeeding relationship? Thanks!

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    Default Re: OALD on one side only...

    Feed more frequently on the side that has less. So block feed two times in a row to every one time you feed on the other side! HTH

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