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Thread: Dumb question, sorry in advance

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    Default Dumb question, sorry in advance

    This is my first child and we've made it a year! This past 3 weeks i've noticed my LO still likes the breast but he just drinks a little from one breast and leaves. I'm a litte intrigued because ..... well... are they supposed to do that? My breast is still somewhat full and i have to pump for relief. Sometimes i get a little frustrated because i dont want him to wean, specially since we've worked so hard to keep my supply up (we had problems in the beginning with my supply). So... is a one year old supposed to do this?

    Can you also tell me how often your one year old nurses? Can you guess/estimate? I dont really understand the phrase "however much he wants"

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    Congrats on making it to a year! WTG, mama! Toddler nursing is really all over the map. Some one year olds are nursing just a couple of times per day, others nurse like newborns. Some busy toddlers will take a quick nip every few hours, and get back to playing ASAP, whereas others will settle in for nice long cuddly nursing sessions. Some one year old get most of their nutrition from the breast, others from solids.

    At a year, both my girls were avid nursers. They nursed every hour or two during the day unless we were out in public. Being somewhere new and different always made them forget about nursing.

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    Sometimes one year olds - or any age really, just have a little nursing strike. It would be very uncommon for your baby to be weaning entirely right now without you leading the way. My 18 month old nurses three or four times a day when i'm working and six or seven when i'm home on the weekends. That's been about what he's done for the last six months.
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    every day was different with my 1yo nursing, some days were lots of little rapid sessions some days he'd not leave the breast if we were together, I pretty much did not deny him ever, unless we were in a really awkward setting (so akward that no examples come to mind?)
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    When my son was in his seventh month and started sleeping through the night (on his own), he suddenly dropped to three nursings a day. (I used to wake him up to get him a fourth.) I was alarmed because I'm a nurse on demand type, and I would offer and offer and he would refuse anything other than the three he wanted, and the fourth I sneaked in. (Once he got older, he even refused that one.) He still, almost a year later, takes all of those nursings (and an occasional extra since I still offer). I had been worried that if he went to three/four so early, he would try to wean early, but that hasn't been the case. He eats a lot at his feedings, and he's just an independent little guy who does things the way he wants to, not the way Mommy expects.

    Your LO may just be hitting some new milestones that are making him distracted about nursing. It doesn't have to mean that he'll wean early. I'd just keep offering when you think he might want it.
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