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Mom's question:
"I often work very long hours and, although my daughter is nearly one year old, I still pump at work because sometimes I do not get home until almost 8 p.m. We co-sleep in order to get time during the week together and because she gets much of her nursing during the night. That is fine with me, but my husband and other family members are constantly telling me that she should wean because my daughter can eat “real” food now. I feel like I am making things easier on her by being able to connect with her and mother her during the night. I don’t mind pumping because I sometimes still feel uncomfortably full at work, especially in the evening, and my daughter can still have some breast milk when I am away. This discussion can get pretty heated, and the older my daughter gets the less others seem to respect my wishes. What have other mothers done to keep the peace?"

Winema N. Lanoue
Contributing Editor
Making It Work
New Beginnings Magazine