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Thread: I need your help - forumula vs. bf

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    Default I need your help - forumula vs. bf

    Hi everyone,

    here's my problem. I am sooo tired and I need to rest a bit more than I am right now.

    I know one thing that will help me rest is to bottle feed my bb in the evening and at night.

    I want to pump my milk for the evening and nights but I am not sure if it will give enough milk to feed her in the first nights.

    Do you think that I could give her formula for two or three nights and start pumping my milk in the evening to create a little supply for the nights to come?

    I don't want to switch to formula but I really do need a breack of 2-3 nights.

    Once I have a couple of oz in the fridge, than I guess that bottlefeeding her my breatmilk will be easier for me in the evening.

    I don't know if I am clear in my question but would it make me a bad mother to switch to formula for two nights and pump instead of bf directly?

    I do want to keep bf her in the day.

    (Do you think it would help me relax to breastfeed her more often in the day too? with my milk of course)

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    Default Re: I need your help - forumula vs. bf

    May I suggest that you rest while you bf your baby in the evenings? I know it gets tiring at times taking care of a new baby especially with the lost sleep, but I found in those early months that my best rest time was when I was bfing. We could lay beside each other and she could nurse while I rested and sometimes she would doze off and we would nap together.

    When you say that bottle feeding a couple evenings a week will help you rest, do you mean someone else will feed her the bottles while you nap? Could you nurse her and then let someone else care for her while you nap inbetween nursings? Or are you saying you want a break from actual bf in the evenings? If this is what you are needing, then I suggest you go ahead and start pumping and build up a supply rather than offering formula. Pumping gets tiring too, though, so you may find you don't like to do it.

    I hope you find what works for you!

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    Wink Re: I need your help - forumula vs. bf

    Sleep when your baby sleeps!!! Every time!!! Even 20 minute naps during the day really help - theoretically, you could sleep as much as your baby.... but I always found that declaring even 24 hours as 'bed days' where my husband took over the other duties just for that time really helped.

    We put a stair gate my 3 year old's childproofed bedroom and he still has 20 min 'quiet time' while I sleep and my 1 year old has her nap most days. Sometimes the world just has to stop!!!

    And - if we are out in the car and everyone falls asleep - I park, lock the doors, put on some soothing music and put my feet on the passenger seat - even my husband has come to appreciate this if he is with us (we job share now in our business and he uses this technique on the days that everyone is worn out!).

    Remember, breastfeeding is a partnership - babies need to sleep to grow and you need to sleep to make milk!! Hopefully someone will have some feeding suggestions for you to balance your search for EXTRA SLEEP !!!!

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    Default Re: I need your help - forumula vs. bf

    You are feeling worn out and are looking for ways to get more rest. You are considering giving bottles instead of breastfeeding in the evenings and through the night. You hope to pump enough breast milk for those bottle feedings, but you are concerned that some formula might be necessary at first while you pump to have EBM for the next night. Am I understanding your situation correctly?

    Giving formula doesn't make anyone a bad mother -- we don't really deal in those sorts of judgments here, to be honest. LLL's mission is to provide women who want to breastfeed with accurate information, encouragement, and support. So please understand that the information we may provide is not about keeping you from being a bad mother ... it's about informing you which practices are most likely to result in successful breastfeeding, and which practices are mostly likely to interfere with successful breastfeeding. The choice, as always, is yours to make, because you are the expert on your baby and your situation.

    So long as your baby can breastfeed effectively, the best way to protect your milk supply is to nurse her directly at the breast, full-time, for every feeding, with no bottles or supplements.

    If you choose to pump and bottlefeed part of the time, then the best way to protect your milk supply is to pump as often as your baby eats. So for example, a mother going back to work, if she has to be away from her baby, will try to pump every 3 hours if her baby is eating about every three hours. Frequent stimulation and emptying of the breasts is the key to a good milk supply, especially with a baby older than 3 months or so.

    Also, the hormones that are involved in milk production have the biggest impact in the middle of the night. In other words, it is those midnight feedings that give you the most "bang for your buck" in terms of a good milk supply. And even if you would rather get up and pump instead of nurse your baby during those hours, no pump is as effective at emptying and stimulating your breasts as a healthy, hungry baby.

    Given these facts, it is not clear to me that pumping at night instead of breastfeeding is going to help you rest any more at all. What's more, your milk supply might suffer from this approach.

    There are lots of tips and strategies a tired mother can use to get a little more rest while breastfeeding a young baby around the clock. I'm willing to bet that most of the posters here have a LOT of experience with this very issue! I hope others will chime in with some good ideas for how you can get enough rest to survive. Let us know what you think, okay?


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