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Thread: 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

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    Default 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    I am starting to get very frustrated here.... my 2 week old son suddenly started eating pretty much constantly- which I understand relates to his first growth spurt. The frustrating part is that he will only eat from one breast at a sitting now! He will let go of the first breast when he is done with it and then refuse the second breast.

    I would think that since he is constantly hungry that he would want more food, but it seems he is eating less at a sitting than before- assuming I am producing the same amount.

    All of this is slightly complicated by the fact that I just switched over to breastfeeding solely from BF then bottle supplementing and pumping. I don't know if this behavior is related to DS trying to get my milk supply up and then having enough to just eat from one breast. I guess that is a possibility.

    My biggest concern is that I am feeding every 45 minutes or so- even at night! If he would take both breasts then I could at least get a few minutes of sleep.

    Is this behavior normal? Should I be worried about pumping the breast that he doesn't eat from?

    Thank you for any advice you may have.

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    Default Re: 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    The early weeks are so exhausting! What you're describing sounds normal to me. Babies going through growth spurts need lots of food, but their tummies aren't any bigger than they were before, so they end up eating more frequently. Give it some time, grab a book and a snack, and take it as an opportunity to recoup some of your energy output. This is the time to sit with your baby and just rest and feed.

    ETA: Unless you absolutely need to build a freezer stash, I would not recommend pumping the other side just yet. Pumping tells your body that more milk is needed, and can sometimes result in oversupply issues.

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    Default Re: 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    I don't think you could. A child's stomach at that age is a little bigger than a marble. So He is eating as often as he needs to. And yes it may be related to a growth spurt so that means that the little bit he can hold IS getting absorbed up more quickly. Because of his growth. But if you can only hold a marbles worth of food, than that's all you can do. You eat it. It get absorbed very quickly, you eat it again. So in short, you have to just ride growth spurts out. They do need to eat that often so that your body gets the message that you need to make more milk. But they only last a few days. Outside longest it should go on like this is 5 days. Rest during the day Mama. Every time your baby does. So that you can deal with the night feeds. The largest mistake made is the trying to get stuff done during the day while they sleep. When they are this young, just accept staying in PJs and being on the couch all day. Because you are going to be up around the clock. They are only so little for a short time. This shall pass. Feed your baby on demand and REST during the day.

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    Default Re: 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    This sounds very normal for such a young infant. However, if the constant feeding continues, please let us know. Growth spurts usually end after a few days or a week, but if this continues for more than a week then maybe we should look for an additional cause for the behavior.

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    Default Re: 2.5 wk old always hungry but won't do both breasts???

    Thank you very much for the feedback. Glad to hear it is normal behavior. I won't stress about the one-boob-feeding pattern any more.

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