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Thread: Microwaving Breast Milk

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    Question Microwaving Breast Milk

    I have heard that microwaving your breast milk is not ideal... Does it take all the antibodies away OR is it because it doesnt heat properly? The reason I am asking is because it takes a while to warm a bottle in the middle of the night with a hungray baby....Does anybody have any advice for me??

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    I just read in my booklet from my breast pump that microwaving can cause severe burn's to the baby's mouth from hot spots that develop in the milk and it can also lower its vitamin C content and damage its anti-infective properties. It can also increase the risk of bacterial contamination. The two times I gave my baby breast milk in a bottle I ran in under hot water in the sink, you can also try putting the bottle in a pot with hot water. Remember that our breast milk isn't that warm so you don't have to warm it a whole lot. Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Microwaving is not a good idea!! The best way to warm a bottle is run it under warm tap water.

    This is what LLL says:
    "Do not heat... milk in a stove or a microwave oven" states LLLI's BREASTFEEDING ANSWER BOOK, 7th Revised Edition, 2004 on page 122. Warming your stored milk in the microwave causes it to heat unevenly, creating "hot spots" that may burn your baby's mouth. Furthermore, valuable immunological components will be destroyed (p. 158).

    Frozen or refrigerated human milk is best heated under cool then warm running water. If running water is not available, a pan of water can be heated on the stove. The container of milk can be placed in the warm water once it has been removed from the heat source. Milk can also be defrosted in the refrigerator overnight.

    HTH. Can you put baby to breast at night instead of using a bottle? Or are you pumping? The above would also apply to formula because of the "hot spots".

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