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Thread: Breastfeeding on alternate days for 10-month old...

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    Default Breastfeeding on alternate days for 10-month old...

    I'm going to be going back to school and teaching in the fall when my daughter is 10 months. I'll be gone all day Mondays and Wednesdays (literally from early morning til after she's in bed) and half day Fridays. I haven't pumped much (just bought a hand pump for occasional use) but am wondering if I could get away without pumping those days or if that would totally diminish my supply... If I do have to pump, how many times (I can't match the number of times she eats b/c I think I BF her 10 times a day!)

    I was just reading about "pump weaning" -- if I don't mind my daughter having formula (which I know a lot of women here are against, but I'm not) will I threaten my supply if I just don't pump and just BF when I'm with her the other 5 1/2 days??
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    I think that it's impossible to know whether or not skipping pumping on workdays would mean supply issues when you are with your baby. It depends very much on you as an individual, and on how your individual body reacts to having a lot of milk sitting in the breast for such an extended period. Some moms would have no problem, others would have a big problem. I think that the average mother probably would not be able to make the day off-day on thing work, for two reasons. First, I think that there's a good chance- not a gaurantee but a good chance- that there would be deleterious consequences for your supply. Second, I think there's every reason to expect that you would get engorged and uncomfortable before the end of the workday, and I think you would probably end up wanting very badly to get the milk out before you got home. You're essentially contemplating cold-turkey weaning for 1 day, and women who wean that way tend to end up very uncomfortable. Weaning works best when it happens slowly, giving the body a long time to adjust to decreased demand. Women who pump wean typically don't do it all at once, because they end up uncomfortable. They drop a single session or shorten up their sessions, wait a while, and then repeat the process.

    I would take the pump to work. At 10 months you probably don't have to pump too much, like you would if you were pumping for a younger baby, but if you can pump at least one or two times a day I think you will be glad you did!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding on alternate days for 10-month old...

    I don't pump as often at work as I nurse but right now I am still pumping enough for my LO. With my middle one I had problems pumping enough for him by about 9 mo but I think that had to do with the way he liked to nurse. I agree with the PP--if you want to keep nursing on the off days and not get incredibly uncomfortable you probably want to pump.
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