My supply has been rather low over the last while, although I have taken measures to correct it.
My pediatrician has been concerned from the beginning that DD is quite small (15 lbs @ 10.5 mos) and in the 5th percentile for growth. He told me to encourage DD to eat a lot of solids and nurse after meals, so that's what I did at first until I thought better of it. This combined with months of distracted nursing decreased my supply quite a bit.
Anyhow, my question is should I worry about low supply at this age, when she can be supplemented with other foods and cow's milk? I'm tempted to drastically reduce solids to see what happens, but I'm going back to work in 2 weeks, so I'm not sure there's much point, as she'll be drinking homo milk during the day anyway. I just feel that more breastmilk might be the answer to any possible weight issues...