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Thread: random let downs and pumping..

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    Default random let downs and pumping..

    just curious how-- if you have them...handle random let downs...

    with DS1 I don't remember ever having a let down not related to an actual feeding or pumping... with this one.. they happen all the time it seems like! I am doing roughly the same routine-- at first it was both side feedings now we have gone to just one side-- because of oversupply...but just curious what you do--- some usually happen about an hour after pumping so i'm less inclined to get the horns back out...

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    Default Re: random let downs and pumping..

    Leaking and oversupply go together like bread and butter. As your supply adjusts to meet demand more accurately, leaking should decrease. Until then, use breast pads to catch the spills and wear patterned shirts to disguise the leaks!

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