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Thread: Engorged on one side only?

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    Default Engorged on one side only?

    Hello ladies,
    My LO has been doing longer stretches at night which is great for me! However, I have been getting engorged only on one side, while the other side is just full. I nurse her from the engorged side and after 10 min, she's full, goes back to sleep and I just pump the other side. Is this normal? I get 4+ ounces from the other side after a few min of pumping. Do you think she's getting enough from feeding on one side after a 6-7 HR stretch? Weight gain and diaper output are good so far.

    Thanks, ladies!

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    Default Re: Engorged on one side only?

    i had the same thing happen to me. I would wake up with one side super fill and hard.
    I would wake up the baby nurse like crazy and I would only use the full side over the next two hours.
    i did not express the extra milk b/c i did not want to produce more milk than my baby needed.
    I nursed every 2-3 hours, actually more often than that .
    I have read that the baby digests breastmilk rather quickly and in order to maintain an ample milk supply the baby needs to be nursed 10-12 times a day; which works out to be every 2 hours.
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    Default Re: Engorged on one side only?

    Yes, if you're engorged the baby is almost certainly getting more than enough milk from that side alone. If your baby continues to sleep such a long stretch, your supply will likely adjust and You won't experience engorgement in the mornings. At that point you might need to go back to feeding on both sides.

    Is there a reason why you are pumping the unused breast? Unless you are trying to build a stash for work or something you really don't need to. You can just trust your baby to regulate your supply.

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    Default Re: Engorged on one side only?

    Mine would do that if I slept on a certain side
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