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Thread: Frozen peas

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    Default Frozen peas

    Hi Mamas!

    I think I am going to sound silly, but can I use frozen peas to make babyfood? Its hard to get the fresh kind (I will take a look at the farmer's market tomorrow if I get a chance). I wanted to know if its is okay (health-wise) if I use frozen peas (perhaps the organic kind) to make a baby puree instead of fresh peas from the pod?


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    Of course you can. I found them rather hard to puree though...they come out pretty chunky. You can always just squish them with your finger and offer as finger food.
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    Yes, of course you can. I have even read that some veggies are frozen at their peak I love our farmers market too!!

    Eta, my kiddo is older now, but organic frozen peas are a staple in my fridge.
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