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Thread: Vitamins?? [ 6 month check up ]

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    I highly recommend Carlson D-Drops! I found them at our local health food store. You just put a drop on your nipple before nursing and my DD doesn't notice a thing. I love not having to shove a dropper in her mouth. The drops we got were $26 but that was for 365 doses, so not bad in the long run.
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    The Carlson-D drops are great. They are supposed to not have any extra "stuff" like sugars I. Them the way the emfamil drops do. I also like that you can drop it on your nipple bs a dropper into their mouth.

    I got the bottle from amazon.com.... Think it was only $13.


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    our pediatrician is a woman who breastfed

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    We use vitamin D drops but only when we arent going to be outside. We are very active (well baby and I are So he has them if its raining or just no good sun, otherwise we spend so much time outside I trust that he is getting enough.

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